Information Security Numbers

New threats per minute
Successful attack per year per company
Days to resolve an incident.
(Million dollars)
Cost of cyber crime per company.

how we keep you safe?

Information security investments can save you $1.5+M. Here are some ways IT2S Group can help you.


Our awareness and training services educate your team on how to avoid losses by users behavior, besides provide official classes from CSA, (ISC)², and PECB.


Our coaches help you to design and implement an ISMS and migrate to cloud computing in a safe way.


Our consulting team helps your company to develop information security policies and procedures to ensure privacy and safety.

Cloud Security Services

Our SOC offers information security solutions as a service to keep your business safe with a low cost.

Assessments & KPIs

Our team helps you define metrics and provide assessments on third party vendors.
Certifying your organization against security standards is a proof that your organization is implementing and managing successfully information
security management systems.

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Access Shield

“Through the end of 2017, at least 10% of enterprise organizations (up from less than 1% today) will leverage software-defined perimeter (SDP) technology to isolate sensitive environments.”
Gartner Predicts 2016: Security Solutions, Ruggero Contu et al., 4 December 2015.

IT2S Group is a cloud security leader and developed the Access Shield solution, an access control solution that deploy the SDP concept. Its team is member of CSA Software Defined Perimeter Workgroup, responsible for develop and test the SDP specification.

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