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Web Application Are The Main Path To Data Leakage

Organizations are publishing more and more applications on the Internet, where sensitive business or customer information is being processed and stored, exposing organization to risks. Most recent incidents of data leakage were not through complex attacks, but due to simple application development failures.

Web application attacks increase in 2017

IT2S Group assists companies and startups in protecting their information and applications, assisting in strategic security planning and implementation of security controls. To protect the web applications, IT2S Group and CromiWAF are offering a trial period of 30 days of its Web Application Firewall.

During this period the company can track in real time access to its web application, attacks attempts and statistics.

How we can help you

CromiWAF is a Web Application Firewall ready to protect web applications, from simple applications to complex systems.

The CromiWAF works betwen the user and the application, filtering all traffic entering the system and blocking cyber attacks.

By using the CromiWAF, the company gains visibility of the main threats and block attacks in real time, avoiding information leakage.

Just Change Your DNS

Use this solution is as easy as change your DNS.

The CromiWAF is hosted in cloud and you just have to change your DNS to point to the WAF solution, after that your application is protected already.

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Just change your DNS.

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