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The Access Shield solution was developed using the Software Definer Perimeter (SDP) concept to protect application hosted in public/private cloud, on premise or in data center. This solution protects your application against main threats to your business (like network attacks, identity thefts, malicious code exploitation, DDoS, others).

Least Privilege

The least privilege principle, well know in computing field (especially in information security), defines each actor (user, process or application) must only have access to the necessary resources to execute their activities.

Local or remote users need access to internal business applications to perform daily activities. However, companies rely on tools and solutions that ensure excessive privilege and visibility to users, besides being expensive and hard to deploy.

With our SDP model, it’s possible to provide the necessary privilege to each user to execute their activities, ensuring the least privilege principle.

Software Defined Perimeter

The Software Defined Perimeter concept comes from a CSA’s (Cloud Security Alliance) initiative to find a efficient way to stop network attacks. The SDP model uses a Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) concept as base to the “need-to-know” principle to manage access and connections. CSA defines this model as “on-demand, dynamically-provisioned, air gapped networks”.

How it works

Access Shield connection workflow using the software defined perimeter (SDP) concept.

Access Shield connection workflow using the software defined perimeter (SDP) concept.

The Access Shield solution provides a new approach to solve challenges by hiding and isolating the application, and creating a dynamic perimeter that allow the company to define who can access its systems and applications.

The dynamic shape of the solution allows it to adapt to network changes by providing greater agility to the organization and improves the user experience whilst deploys the main security controls transparently.

As the image shows, the Access Shield solution changes the order of access to services – the user needs to be authenticated and authorized to then be able to connect to the application or system.



Improve Security

Applications and data isolated available only to users and devices identified and authorized before access to infrastructure.

No Visibility

Infrastructure and applications hidden and isolated from public access, reducing the attack surface.

Low Cost

Solution delivered as a service, billing only what is used and also replaces other expensive and less efficient solutions.


Quick installation and configuration, deploying in a transparent way the key security controls.

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